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Local Work


King's Kids Jerusalem - weekly meetings

Our group meets on a weekly basis, according to age groups:

The children's group (ages 4-12) gathers on Thursdays at 15:30. The youth group (ages 13-18) meets on Wednesdays at 17:30.

At our meetings we eat together, play, practice dance and drama, worship God and study from the Bible. In the kids' group we split in to small study groups, and use crafts 

In addition to the weekly activities, we also celebrate the holidays together, go on trips across the country, have weekend camps, and preform on various occasions.


Alumni gatherings

Some of our group members have attended King's Kids groups from an early age, and even returned after their army service to become staff members. We see ourselves as a family, and determine to keep in touch with our alumni during their army services and afterward. We have gatherings every now and then to catch up, bring up good memories, laugh and spend time together. We want all of our kids and youth feel and know they'll always have a second home with us.

National Work


Giving back to the community

King's Kids Jerusalem is involved in various volunteering activities, which include:

  • Visitations to hospitals, orphanages and retirement homes, where we arrange social activities, sing and dance with the residents, and make crafts together.

  •  Participation in small renovation projects

  •  Activities with refugees

  •  Collecting and distributing clothing to the needy, both in Israeli and Palestinian communities.


King's Kids Israel

The King's Kids ministry in Israel has been established 25 years ago, with a vision of bringing together Arab and Jewish believers. It includes two local groups, one in Jerusalem (operated by "Sarigim" charity), and one in Shefa- Amer in Galilee (operated by the "House of Light" charity). The two groups meet a few times a year to build relationships, learn from the scriptures, pray, worship and serve the community together. Ours is a very special testimony in Israel, where often these two national groups stay separated.

family camps 1.jpg

King's Kids family camps

2-3 times a year King's Kids Israel organizes gatherings of Jewish and Arab families. The program includes team building games within and among the families, providing educational tools for parents, and learning communicational skills to improve the family dynamics. In addition, the family camps place emphasis on unity and reconciliation.

International Work



Outreach is an essential part of King's Kids ministry. We reach out to communities in Israel and abroad, sharing the good news of love and unity, serving and volunteering in various projects, performing in schools, congregations and the outdoors. On some of the outreach trips we partner with the Shefa- Amer group, and the youth from both groups enjoy the opportunity to deepen relationships between them. In recent years we have been to Romania, Finland, England, Brazil, Slovakia and more.


King's Kids Middle East

King's Kids Middle East is finding ways to connect between different King's Kids groups in our region. Children and youth from all around the Middle East join together for special gatherings, and are given the opportunity to learn and practice the way of peace, based on the common faith in God. 

King's Kids Middle East also initiates gatherings intended for the leadership, strengthening the bonds and creating together ways to actualize the vision of Peace.

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