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When God speaks....

Updated: Apr 8

One morning at Roi moshav, Ruut opened her old devotional book called 'God speaks'. The book has certainly blessed Christians around the world with its apt words for One morning at Roi moshav, Ruut opened her old devotional book called 'God speaks'. That well known book has certainly blessed Christians around the world for decades.  Now one specific devotional really hit the spot. Already 20 evacuated families - from both the north and the south - received help from Sarigim, and have been accommodated in our guest rooms during this ongoing war. Sometimes there has been concern about the situation in the country, how the evacuees can cope, and sometimes also about Sarigim's resources. However, God has always taken care, and according to the following quote from that book, he will surely continue to do so:

"Receive all whom I send to you and let them feel welcomed... Receive all

comers with love in your heart. You may not see what is happening... I may send you strange visitors. Help them to have a desire to come again! No comer shall feel unwanted. Share your love, your joy, your happiness, your time, your food,.. rejoice with everyone. Miracles are happening. Now you see it all as a bud, the beauty of a blossomed flower cannot yet be described. Love, rejoice, share your peace, richly, in faith! Give love and all that I have, with joyful, free heart and hands. Use all you can for

others, and you will receive abundantly blessings back ." (Freely translated)

Ruut has received many grateful messages from various evacuated guests. One couple even wanted to share a picture of their sweet baby with Ruut, and wanted to show their gratitude for being able to stay at my Sarigim guest house during a critical time. Their own home in Ashkelon heard the sounds of shelling every day and it caused the mother, who was 6 months pregnant, to be restless. During the whole month at the Roi moshav helped them get through everything. The family's mother said that Ruut is part of the boy's birth and they want their son to get to know Roi-moshav's 'aunt'. Another family from Ashkelon sent several times on the Sabbath a picture of their children and a Sabbath greeting, and a wish to meet again. This is the case with many other evacuees, they do not forget the help they received and the love they experienced.

It's a blessing that Sarigim can bless people in the most difficult time for the people of Israel!

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