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Good Bye 2018, Hello 2019- King's Kids Jerusalem Welcoming the New Year

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Celebrations, Christmas preformances and spending blessed time with our friends from King's Kids Shefa-Amer. Here are the highlights of King's Kids activities during the holyday season.

Sarigim King's Kids Jerusalem kids group at our Christmas celebration

Youth Camp in Ilania

on 2-3.11 youth from King's Kids Galilee and youth from King's Kids Jerusalem gathered for a weekend camp in Ilania. It was a blessed beginning for the new school year. Local Christian families teamed up to provide lodging, to over 70 youths from Jerusalem and Galilee!

"We had an amazing and blessed weekend with the northern group of King's Kids. We had a bonfire, we played games, went on a trip on the 'Jesus Trail', and we prayed for the coming year and it's events. Most importantly, we had a special time of connection between both groups, and we welcomed the new youth that joined us this year"- Julie from King's Kids Jerusalem.

The group of volunteers

According to an old Finnish saying, when the greatest need arises help is near. And so once again we experienced God's providence as D-School international students, together with the local team, carried responsibility for the ministry's practical functions through October-November. We were deeply moved to send these willing young servants from Jerusalem to their practical training on mission fields in India and Amsterdam.

Christmas time miracles

December has been full of activity, and this year some uncommonly interesting opportunities opened up for the King's Kids groups to cross borders and serve together for the gospel. The youth rehearsed together in late November and early December preparing for holiday performances. The week before Christmas Eve was especially busy and on December 14th we headed to Nazareth Village for the whole day in a minibus filled with youths and pre-teens from Jerusalem. We joined Arab Christian believers in three performances and the atmosphere was beautifully anointed. Hundreds of people from Nazareth and surroundings poured into Nazareth Village, both Arabs and Jews, to attend the Christmas play, where the most important message of Christmas became evident through the performances of the youth.

December 15th The very next day we continued serving together with King's Kids Israel. This time the group from the north came to Jerusalem, where we had a unique opportunity to perform before hundreds of Moslem women. The performances were held at the Catholic Notredame Center near the Old City. This was a joint project with a local organization called Community of Reconciliation, and the King's Kids had a central role in bringing forth a luminous message of peace.

After the performance we arranged activities for hundreds of Moslem children in the same location.

On Wednesday and Thursday that same week we hosted Christmas parties for the children and youth of the local groups, with joyful spirits.

On December 21st, I travelled with four soldier girls and Ahalela to North-Galilee, where they arranged a Christmas Run to promote better relations in our different communities. This unique event originated in the small Arab Christian village of Moilia. Over 1200 runners from different backgrounds, Jews, Arab Christians, Moslems and Druze, joined in. The run was quite in the spirit of King's Kids, and it was delightful that, for the first time, I ran side by side in a footrace with King's Kids youth. So this special journey combining relational time together with invigorating exercise was a tremendous blessing for us all.

On December 22nd the circle closed, as a small group of older youth celebrated Christmas together in my home. We ended the party with a joint prayer for the Christmas time ahead.

”And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” [John 1:5]

Thank you for all of your support during 2018, and happy new year to you all!

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