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A variety of gazes

Updated: Mar 6

Jordan, August 4th-20th 2019, King’s Kids Middle East

We met many different gazes on this journey. We saw love, fear, sorrow, frustration, friendship, encouragement. We saw many tears as well… Even our own eyes filled with tears in many occasions; sometimes with tears of joy, sometimes of compassion, sometimes tears of healing under the wings of God…

Oh, how much eyes can speak to us, and how often our words become redundant, insignificant. It is so often the presence without words that counts…

70 participants from different parts of the Middle East gathered to a King’s Kids DNA-seminar and the following missionary activities. The DNA-seminar was led by Dale Kaufmann, together with Guy and Joele Zeller. What a privilege, what a joy it was to spend ten days together, studying, praying, and being refreshed by our mutual faith. We were praying for a renewed vision for the work in the whole Middle East area and blessed each other. After the study sessions, we were divided into serving groups to different targets in Jordan, and a part of the group returned home. God opened wonderful doors for us to serve among different groups of people, and we returned in Israel tired but richer by many experiences. The next trip to Jordan is already in our prayers.

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